Social Style and Versatility

leadership workshops, operational improvements, public speaking, customized solutions, east granby, ctThe world's best-known interpersonal skills model is the same one proven to build better leaders, enhance emotional intelligence (EQ) and improve team performance.  And independent research found Style was easier to learn and apply than MBTI or DiSC.  SOCIAL STYLE programs and products are available for a variety of settings and jobs including management, sales, teams and individual contributors.

Customized Solutions incorporates Social Style and Versatility into many of its workshops because it works. It's easy to understand and apply and people who use it become better leaders, better team members, and better for the organization. In short, people who use it get results.


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Customized Solutions is an authorized reseller of the TRACOM Group, the original creator of SOCIAL STYLE.

SocialStyle TRACOM Group Authorized Retailer


Emotional Intelligence: What's New, What's True

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has emerged as an important factor in high performance. This whitepaper “Emotional Intelligence: What’s New What’s True” looks at the latest research on Emotional Intelligence and organizational performance. Click here to learn more.

Interpersonal Skills Training Comparison

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A Colorado State University study found that TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model was easier to learn and apply than Myers-Briggs or DiSC. Click here to learn more.

Managerial Performance Study

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This whitepaper provides a 360 degree look at managerial performance. A survey of U.S. workers looked at how managerial skills were rated by senior executives, direct reports and managers themselves. Click here to download this and other whitepapers.

Training in a Tough Economy

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A TRACOM webinar and Talent Management Magazine article look at how organizations can maximize the impact of their training efforts, even in a tough economy. Click here to improve your training impact.


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