Executive Series

Who should attend?
This series is for current Executives who want to make a bigger impact and individuals being groomed for Executive or strategic leadership roles.

Where it happens:
This series is conducted at a neutral site. Workshops are comprised of participants from multiple organizations and in various Executive and senior leadership roles. Participants are expected to network with Executives from other organizations and leverage the experience and expertise of others in the room.
The Executive Series is run only 3 times per year and includes 1-on-1 coaching.
This series is offered as a 3 workshop series that is spaced throughout a quarter. Check out the registration page to apply for the next series.

What you get:

  • Create a culture of responsible collaboration across your entire organization
  • Assess your organization's current state of collaboration
  • Learn to set a vision and inspire commitment to that vision
  • Empower managers and teams for success
  • Align values with behaviors
  • Create systems to ensure success
  • Align action with strategy
  • Engage employees at all levels

Coursework and Coaching: A Unique Combination

Training and Development CopyCoursework and coaching is designed to hone leadership and collaboration skills while offering real-world framework and practical applications. Leaders will learn tactical ways to engage with and leverage the core players in an independent school. At the same time they will share insights, collaborate on best practices, gain valuable perspectives from other proven leaders. Ultimately, participants in the Executive Series emerge from the program ready to face the challenges of organizational leadership head-on.

Executive Series Curriculum

#1: Introduction to the Collaborative Culture and the Roadblocks to Creating One

In this foundational workshop, participants learn what a true, collaborative culture is and what it takes to build that culture in your organization. They also learn to recognize the key impediments to building a collaborative culture. Participants will explore their own behavioral style and the behavioral style of those with whom they are working. They also learn how to coordinate action through the structure of language.

#2: Deep Exploration into the Requirements of Building a Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is essential to achieving desired results; unfortunately, many things that leaders do inadvertently get in the way of building that culture. In this workshop, participants explore their own level of Emotional Intelligence and how their efforts to control their environment may be sabotaging outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence is a concept focused on how effectively people interact with others. These Emotional Intelligence skills are unique from a person's technical skills and cognitive abilities. Multiple studies have shown that leaders who demonstrate higher Emotional Intelligence are more effective than those with lower EQ. Using behavioral based tools, EQ can be learned and improved to help organizations create a stronger culture, build better working relationships across the entire organization, and foster an environment of trust.

#3: Communication in the Collaborative Culture

Organizations exist to coordinate action to deliver on promises that produce outcomes which satisfy their customers. Those outcomes are produced when the right people take the right action at the appropriate time. Actions come from committed people. People become committed when they are engaged by their leaders. This engagement comes from having the right conversations together. The ability to have an effective conversation is one of the most essential skills of a leader. It is through conversation that all other domains of leadership become possible. This workshop teaches leaders the fundamental elements of conversations and how to have the conversations that get commitment from the right people at the right time.

Participants also learn to understand the dynamics of working together and how to improve interpersonal communication, teamwork, team effectiveness, expectations management, conflict resolution, gaining commitment, and leadership.


CoachingIn addition to monthly, seminar-style workshops, Customized Solutions leverages a one-on-one coaching approach that facilitates customized learning and personalized support throughout the semester, maximizing personal and professional growth.

Coaching will be conducted via phone, Skype or in-person, if location and scheduling allows.

Program Details

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Space in the Executive Series program is limited to 15 participants!



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