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leadership_drawing, public speaking, operational improvements, leadership workshops, customized solutions, east granby, ctLeadership is a passion to me. This is true for several reasons. No matter what organization you are in or in what industry you work, there is one constant: leadership. Every time that people and work come together, you need leadership. I believe that everyone deserves good leadership. All leaders can learn to improve their skills. Good leaders are those who improve themselves as well as improve those around them.

Why do I teach leadership? Because it makes a difference. Teaching leadership is like the old parable about giving a person a fish or teaching them to fish. I teach people “how to fish” by developing their leadership skills. When people learn to lead more effectively, it not only impacts their lives but also impacts the lives of those they lead and those with whom they work. This results in better outcomes for the individuals and the organizations, and creates a cycle of improving effectiveness.

Research has shown that 64% of people will leave an organization to follow a good leader. This confirms a commonly held belief: People don’t leave a company, they leave a boss. With these truths in mind, why is it then that developing leaders frequently gets lost in the myriad of priorities? I believe that effectively investing in leadership development will return exponentially greater results. This is why I am passionate about making good leaders.

At Customized Solutions, we build leaders.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen good leadership inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve things that most never dreamed. I’ve also seen some leadership behavior prevent good, dedicated teams from executing. Most of those negative behaviors were completely manageable and avoidable. It comes down to helping leaders learn to improve themselves, and work more effectively with those they are trying to lead, in the context of the situation at hand.



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