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Noteworthy Calendar of Events

April 10, 2015 - Webinar

10 am Eastern / 7 am Pacific

Getting Started with Social Media for Non-Social Media Junkies

As Social Media and its impact has exploded, professional must capitalize on the opportunities that these tools present. This is particularly true for those in professional service industries.

In this informational webinar you will learn how to get the most out of two of the most popular platforms: Twitter and LinkedIn. We will explore best practices for growing your followers and how to use this as a lead generation tool for your business.

The cost of this webinar is $25. Click here to Register.



April 23, 2015 - Hartford, CT

Introduction to the Collaborative Culture and the Roadblocks to Creating One

Join us for this foundational leadership workshop in which participants learn:

  • What it takes to build a collaborative that culture in your organization.
  • To recognize the key impediments to building a collaborative culture.
  • To understand their own behavioral style and the behavioral style of those with whom they are working.
  • How to adapt with EQ

Click here for more information and to register




Coaching Testimonials



"Personally, it was one of the best training sessions I have had in the workplace. I have learned a lot, about myself and others. This will help in any position I will assume. In addition to be really helpful and informative, Dave made the training so fun. I would recommend the training to everyone!"

-Nancy R.



“I have been through similar type training including Myers Briggs as well as others and what I really liked was the versatility section. I think it took the training to a practical level that other training misses and emphasized an important element of effective communication.”

-Jen H.



"Having taken similar classes and my personal interest to improve communications in & out of work, I like the additional tools it provides to assist one with increased communications and success. I'd highly recommend everyone takes it (should be a standard high school/college course) as well as a refresher every few years!"

-Steve F.



"Very useful information that can be applied immediately."

– Anonymous Participant



"I found the class enjoyable and was a bit surprised to learn that there is a significant difference between my self-perception and others' perception of me in the work environment. I found that, upon some introspection, the explanations of Social Style make sense to me and, therefore, can guide behavioral change. Also, I like the concept of behavioral 'versatility' as it was introduced and explained by Dave. Overall, the seminar was beneficial."

-Mike M.



“Overall thumbs up with the training.”

-Andy L.



"All my staff that attended had excellent feedback specific to the material, how they will incorporate it in day to day and all were unanimous in what a great job Dave did as instructor."

-Carin S.



“Dave was great, the best trainer I have ever had for these types of classes.”

-Chris R.



"You did a great job ... with a crowd that was prepared not to enjoy themselves. Everyone with whom I have spoken considers [the workshop] to be time well spent."

-Ken L.



"My team got a lot out of it."

- Dennis M.



"Dave did an excellent job. ... I'm finding it easier to recognize others' styles and adapt to them."

-Ed B.



“Fun! Thanks.”

– Anonymous Participant



"If you want to begin to better understand yourself and grow in a leadership role, this is the seminar for you. Though provoking, stimulating, and very applicable on a daily basis."

- Dean of Faculty



"Gaining a better sense of one's management style and the need to understand how it needs to be adapted to other members of your team was very beneficial to me."




"The Leadership Excellence Program gave me a new perspective about how I approach my role and the affect I can have on others. Workshops provided a base knowledge on the fundamentals of leadership and communication. Coaching sessions gave me personal insight on how to apply the skills taught."

- Director of Human Resources



"It made me more aware of myself as a leader and how I act and am perceived by others. It has given me the tools on how to manage individuals with different Social Styles."

- Controller



"The thought that there are different ways to deal with different people was never considered until now. You see the power of good leaders first-hand but never consider it's the approach to a conversation that drives that power."

- Director of Physical Plant



"The workshop was excellent. I learned a lot about myself and the tools that I need going forward that will make me successful."

- Director of Human Resources


Contact Us

99 Copper Hill Road
East Granby, CT 06026

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 860-796-1986

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About Us

leadership_drawing, public speaking, operational improvements, leadership workshops, customized solutions, east granby, ctLeadership is a passion to me. This is true for several reasons. No matter what organization you are in or in what industry you work, there is one constant: leadership. Every time that people and work come together, you need leadership. I believe that everyone deserves good leadership. All leaders can learn to improve their skills. Good leaders are those who improve themselves as well as improve those around them.

Why do I teach leadership? Because it makes a difference. Teaching leadership is like the old parable about giving a person a fish or teaching them to fish. I teach people “how to fish” by developing their leadership skills. When people learn to lead more effectively, it not only impacts their lives but also impacts the lives of those they lead and those with whom they work. This results in better outcomes for the individuals and the organizations, and creates a cycle of improving effectiveness.

Research has shown that 64% of people will leave an organization to follow a good leader. This confirms a commonly held belief: People don’t leave a company, they leave a boss. With these truths in mind, why is it then that developing leaders frequently gets lost in the myriad of priorities? I believe that effectively investing in leadership development will return exponentially greater results. This is why I am passionate about making good leaders.

At Customized Solutions, we build leaders.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen good leadership inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve things that most never dreamed. I’ve also seen some leadership behavior prevent good, dedicated teams from executing. Most of those negative behaviors were completely manageable and avoidable. It comes down to helping leaders learn to improve themselves, and work more effectively with those they are trying to lead, in the context of the situation at hand.


Business and Leadership Coaching

coaching workships, leadership development, public speaking, customized solutions, east granby, ct

Every new skill, everything you learn is absolutely worthless unless you choose to use it. As new skills are learned, it takes practice and repetition to make it valuable in day-to-day situations. That is where professional coaching comes in.

Leadership coaching helps individuals breakthrough barriers, reach their goals, and achieve their potential.

Who is it for?

Leadership Coaching is for high-potential individuals who need a little help breaking through to the next level, or for individuals who have some specific areas they need help improving.

It is a personal interaction between the coach and the coachee in which we identify what objectives the individual has or what breakdowns they are experiencing. Then we identify where the individual is with regard to their skill, awareness, capability, and capacity. Next, we develop a plan and approach for how we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Finally, the coach helps to ensure that you are making progress to get to your goal.

Where it happens:

Because this is an individual interaction, coaching will be coordinated as schedules permit. Coaching is done in-person, via telephone, or via Skype depending on the needs of the individual.

What is coaching?

Frequently people ask, "What is the difference between coaching, consulting, therapy, mentoring, and training?" Here is an example that might be help put it all into perspective.

Say you wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. You could hire a therapist, a consultant, a trainer, a mentor, or a coach.

The therapist would encourage you to talk about your fear of riding a bicycle.

The consultant would explain to you how it ís done.

The trainer would present what others have done to be successful on the bike, complete with role-play and assisting you through visualizing yourself on the bike.

The mentor would get on the bike and show you how to ride.

The coach, however, would encourage you to hop on the bike, and then would run alongside you until you were steady enough to go on your own.

To help organizations create a culture of creative collaboration, and to help individuals become the best leaders they can, we may use a combination of coaching, consulting, and training to help organizations address their culture. However, we don't do therapy. That is reserved for other specialities and areas of expertise.

Leadership Coaching

  • Done with high potential individuals or those with specific needs
  • Identify where challenges exist in the current environment
  • Focus on specific challenging relationships or situations.
  • Produce strategies and specific action items that individuals take-away to improve behaviors and outcomes


Find-out if coaching is right for you. Fill out the form below to schedule a free 45-minute introductory coaching session, or e-mail Dave here.

Find out if coaching is right for you...

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Manager Series

Who should attend?
This series is for direct Managers and department leaders who want to do more with what they have. The primary audience is people who have responsibility for direct supervision over a department or a large team within a single organization.

Where it happens:
This series happens for you at your location.

While the Executive Series brings together a collection of senior leaders from multiple organizations, the Manager Series is focused on the needs of a specific organization.

Because the audience for this series is the collection of managers within an organization, workshops and coaching are done for a single organization, at their location, as their schedule is best accommodated. This allows us to address specific needs of the organization

What you get:

  • Create a leadership culture that supports YOUR organization's unique values and standards

  • Build collaboration on existing teams

  • Create a manager's self-awareness as a leader

  • Clarify how your school's values guide departments and teams

  • Define "Values in Action"

  • Learn personal and interpersonal control

  • Become proficient in communicating to a wide audience

Basic Manager Series Curriculum

The Manager Series starts with a foundation of essential skills, and then is customized to meet the needs of individual organizations and participants. The series is designed to integrate and coordinate with subject matter experts from the organization who will facilitate topics of organization-specific needs like values, standards, reporting and assessments.

The specific curriculum, duration, scheduling, and cost of the Manager Series will be based on the needs and budget of the individual organization.

This is the basic structure from which the Manager Series is customized:

1: Leading People and Teams in a Collaborative Environment

  • Collaboration – building a collaborative culture
  • Power and Control - knowing when to let go
  • Self-awareness and Self-control
  • Building relationships
  • Communication and effective leadership conversations
  • Evaluating performance
  • Giving feedback effectively
  • Coaching individuals for growth

2: Setting Direction and Providing Purpose

  • Setting Direction (vision)
  • Creating a team Vision
  • Identifying team Values
  • Defining Values in Action through behavior and practices
  • Setting expectations and standards
  • Motivating for purpose and commitment
  • Succession planning

3: Planning and Execution

  • Creating a plan to achieve the vision
  • Assessing Capacity and Capability
  • Navigating the plan and dealing with challenges and breakdowns
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Streamlining process and the fundamentals of Continuous Improvement

4: Financial Management and Legal Requirements of Being a Manager

  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Managing Resources (budgets, equipment, and people)
  • Being effective stewards of the organization's resources

To learn more about this series, or to talk about your organization's specific needs, call Dave Hasenbalg at 860-796-1986, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Team Collaboration Series

Who should attend?
This series is for in-tact or newly formed teams within a single organization. These teams can be project teams, functional teams, or cross-functional teams.

Where it happens:Team Trust
This series happens for you at your location.
Similar to the Manager Series, the Team Collaboration Series is designed to address the specific needs of a team within a single organization. Workshops and coaching are at the company location.

This series addresses the current situations and real-world challenges that are preventing teams from delivering high-performance results and collaborating for success.

What you get:

  • Define team values and goals and how they support the organization's overall values
  • Build a high-performing team that works productively
  • Agree on standard practices and build trust
  • Strengthen working relationships and focus on achieving results for customers

The Team Collaboration Series is customized to meet the needs of an individual organization and teams within that organization. The series draws from the appropriate curriculum used in the Manager and Executive Series and generally incorporates some kind of Coaching.

The specific curriculum, duration, scheduling, and cost of the Team Collaboration Series will be based on the needs and budget of the individual organization.

To learn more about this series, or to talk about your organization's specific needs, call Dave Hasenbalg at 860-796-1986, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Leadership Series Workshops and Coaching

Leadership isn't just for the people who sit at certain levels of the organization. You can lead and influence from where you are. Leadership is a learned skill. And the effects of positive leadership can be felt throughout the organization.

leadership_workshop, public speaking, operational improvements, customized solutions, east granby, ct

Customized Solutions conducts workshops that improve workplace performance by:

Building Skills

Improving Teamwork

Developing Leaders

Enhancing Communication

Leaders who apply the skills learned by working with Customized Solutions, LLC, build an awareness of their own behavior and awareness of the behaviors of others. They understand how to effectively manage behaviors to achieve maximum results. They learn empathetic leadership, called Versatility. This leads to strengthened teams, managerial effectiveness and overall productivity within the organization.

When managers and employees learn to use these skills, they are able to apply them in a wide variety of job specific activities, including leading teams, coaching, managing conflict, and even selling.


Get started today! Register now for one of our upcoming workshops. To receive a free consultation to see what kind of Leadership Workshop would be best for your organization just provide the information in the form below , or e-mail Dave here.


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Professional Biography

professional bio photo of dave, leadership expert, public speaking, customized solutions, ct

Summary of Skills

  • Founder of the Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools
  • Coach training from Institute for Generative Leadership and Newfield Network
  • U.S. Army Captain – served on active duty in U.S. and Far East
  • 16 years of Executive roles in Big 5 Consulting Firms, cutting edge start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 Companies.
  • MBA-Marketing from the University of Connecticut
  • Certified Marketing Intelligence Specialist from ING Center for Financial Services
  • Certified Social Style and Versatility Instructor from Tracom Group
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Breakthrough Management Group
  • Adjunct Faculty for classes on Service and Operations Management and Process Improvement at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Connecticut Quality Council
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Dave Hasenbalg has spent the last 20 years leading, coaching, and consulting businesses to build collaborative cultures to enable them to make a mark in their industry. He helps organizations find solutions to real-world challenges by illuminating blind spots, building collaborative teams, and coordinating action that produces results. He has an expertise in developing leaders, bringing about change in organizations of all sizes, and eliminating the impediments to effective execution. His practical background is as a military officer as well as a leader in cutting edge, non-profit, and Fortune 100 companies.

Dave has earned an MBA and is also a graduate of several U.S. military specialty and leadership schools including the Department of Defense Information School for Journalism and Public Affairs. He is a certified Leadership Coach from the Institute for Generative Leadership and Newfield Network. He is also certified to teach Social Style and Versatility from the Tracom Group and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Breakthrough Management Group and The Hartford Financial Services Group. Dave is a member good standing of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Dave is the Founder of the Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools, the premier authority for developing solutions around creating high-performing, collaborative cultures, and developing impactful leadership capabilities at all levels in independent schools across the country.

Dave has led a number of high-profile business units and client projects, including:

Led the evaluation and improvement of operational procedures in a majorbusiness unit of a Fortune 80 company. This effort included coaching andtraining managers and senior executives how to measure and evaluate operational effectiveness. This project increased business unit revenue byapproximately $10 million.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt proficient in the Six Sigma / Lean principlesand has facilitated classes on them at the Green Belt, Black Belt, andExecutive Champion level. Direct cost savings benefits from Six Sigma projects he has led total over $40 million.

Dave learned and honed much of his leadership skills in the U. S. Army. He spent four years on active duty and over five years in the Army Reserves, including roles as an M1 tank Platoon Leader in Korea, an M1 tank company Executive Officer, and as a tank battalion Personnel Officer. He earned a BA in Communication from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Connecticut.

Click here to download Dave's Bio in PDF format.



Executive Series

Who should attend?
This series is for current Executives who want to make a bigger impact and individuals being groomed for Executive or strategic leadership roles.

Where it happens:
This series is conducted at a neutral site. Workshops are comprised of participants from multiple organizations and in various Executive and senior leadership roles. Participants are expected to network with Executives from other organizations and leverage the experience and expertise of others in the room.
The Executive Series is run only 3 times per year and includes 1-on-1 coaching.
This series is offered as a 3 workshop series that is spaced throughout a quarter. Check out the registration page to apply for the next series.

What you get:

  • Create a culture of responsible collaboration across your entire organization
  • Assess your organization's current state of collaboration
  • Learn to set a vision and inspire commitment to that vision
  • Empower managers and teams for success
  • Align values with behaviors
  • Create systems to ensure success
  • Align action with strategy
  • Engage employees at all levels

Coursework and Coaching: A Unique Combination

Training and Development CopyCoursework and coaching is designed to hone leadership and collaboration skills while offering real-world framework and practical applications. Leaders will learn tactical ways to engage with and leverage the core players in an independent school. At the same time they will share insights, collaborate on best practices, gain valuable perspectives from other proven leaders. Ultimately, participants in the Executive Series emerge from the program ready to face the challenges of organizational leadership head-on.

Executive Series Curriculum

#1: Introduction to the Collaborative Culture and the Roadblocks to Creating One

In this foundational workshop, participants learn what a true, collaborative culture is and what it takes to build that culture in your organization. They also learn to recognize the key impediments to building a collaborative culture. Participants will explore their own behavioral style and the behavioral style of those with whom they are working. They also learn how to coordinate action through the structure of language.

#2: Deep Exploration into the Requirements of Building a Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is essential to achieving desired results; unfortunately, many things that leaders do inadvertently get in the way of building that culture. In this workshop, participants explore their own level of Emotional Intelligence and how their efforts to control their environment may be sabotaging outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence is a concept focused on how effectively people interact with others. These Emotional Intelligence skills are unique from a person's technical skills and cognitive abilities. Multiple studies have shown that leaders who demonstrate higher Emotional Intelligence are more effective than those with lower EQ. Using behavioral based tools, EQ can be learned and improved to help organizations create a stronger culture, build better working relationships across the entire organization, and foster an environment of trust.

#3: Communication in the Collaborative Culture

Organizations exist to coordinate action to deliver on promises that produce outcomes which satisfy their customers. Those outcomes are produced when the right people take the right action at the appropriate time. Actions come from committed people. People become committed when they are engaged by their leaders. This engagement comes from having the right conversations together. The ability to have an effective conversation is one of the most essential skills of a leader. It is through conversation that all other domains of leadership become possible. This workshop teaches leaders the fundamental elements of conversations and how to have the conversations that get commitment from the right people at the right time.

Participants also learn to understand the dynamics of working together and how to improve interpersonal communication, teamwork, team effectiveness, expectations management, conflict resolution, gaining commitment, and leadership.


CoachingIn addition to monthly, seminar-style workshops, Customized Solutions leverages a one-on-one coaching approach that facilitates customized learning and personalized support throughout the semester, maximizing personal and professional growth.

Coaching will be conducted via phone, Skype or in-person, if location and scheduling allows.

Program Details

Click here for program schedules and fees. Or click here to register for the program.

Space in the Executive Series program is limited to 15 participants!



Public Speaking

Dave speaks to groups of all sizes about :Dave Casual

  • Developing Leadership Capabilities
  • Creating a Collaborative Culture
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Overcoming Real-world Challenges
  • Leading Organizational Change

He is a dynamic, humorous speaker who

always gets the audience engaged and

involved in his speeches.

public speaking, leadership workshops

Dave is available for speaking engagements ranging from Keynote addresses

to small group "lunch and learns."

If you're interested in hiring Dave for an upcoming event, please complete the form below to check availability, or email Dave Here.

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Social Style and Versatility

leadership workshops, operational improvements, public speaking, customized solutions, east granby, ctThe world's best-known interpersonal skills model is the same one proven to build better leaders, enhance emotional intelligence (EQ) and improve team performance.  And independent research found Style was easier to learn and apply than MBTI or DiSC.  SOCIAL STYLE programs and products are available for a variety of settings and jobs including management, sales, teams and individual contributors.

Customized Solutions incorporates Social Style and Versatility into many of its workshops because it works. It's easy to understand and apply and people who use it become better leaders, better team members, and better for the organization. In short, people who use it get results.


Fill out the form below to request a complimentary consultation to see how Social Style and Versatility can work for you, or email Dave here.

Learn More About Social Style and Versatility

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Customized Solutions is an authorized reseller of the TRACOM Group, the original creator of SOCIAL STYLE.

SocialStyle TRACOM Group Authorized Retailer


Emotional Intelligence: What's New, What's True

SOCIAL STYLE, Emotional Intelligence, EQ, EI, whitepaper, webinar, training, TRACOM


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has emerged as an important factor in high performance. This whitepaper “Emotional Intelligence: What’s New What’s True” looks at the latest research on Emotional Intelligence and organizational performance. Click here to learn more.

Interpersonal Skills Training Comparison

SOCIAL STYLE, Myers-Briggs, MBTI, DiSC, TRACOM, Inscape, interpersonal skills, IET, training comparison, training research, Colorado State University, CSU, training study


A Colorado State University study found that TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model was easier to learn and apply than Myers-Briggs or DiSC. Click here to learn more.

Managerial Performance Study

SOCIAL STYLE, manager, managerial, performance, skills, interpersonal, IET, training, research, TRACOM


This whitepaper provides a 360 degree look at managerial performance. A survey of U.S. workers looked at how managerial skills were rated by senior executives, direct reports and managers themselves. Click here to download this and other whitepapers.

Training in a Tough Economy

SOCIAL STYLE, training, IET, interpersonal skills, whitepaper, webinar, Talent Management, TRACOM, bad economy


A TRACOM webinar and Talent Management Magazine article look at how organizations can maximize the impact of their training efforts, even in a tough economy. Click here to improve your training impact.

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